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Contact us today for friendly and expert advice on all your wastewater system supply needs


As an independent company, we can provide a complete, impartial and bespoke system Tailored to suit your specific site needs. Along with making sure the correct certification is in place for each aspect of your system.

To achieve this, we work with multiple robust and reliable products, manufacturers and engineers.


Our commitment to environmentally responsible practices, compliance with Irish and EU wastewater disposal laws, and advanced technological innovations make us the ideal choice for those seeking sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. By investing in Smarttanks' systems, you are not only enhancing your environmental footprint but also embracing the future of responsible water management.


Embrace a cleaner, greener future with Smarttanks.


Contact us today to discover how our advanced solutions can meet your specific needs while contributing to a more sustainable world.

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Septic Tanks & Treatment Systems

Smarttanks offers state-of-the-art septic tanks and treatment systems, designed to efficiently treat, and manage domestic and commercial wastewater. Our treatment systems are compliant with Irish and EU wastewater disposal laws, ensuring you meet the necessary regulations. These systems incorporate advanced biological processes, ensuring effective treatment and environmentally responsible disposal of wastewater. With durable construction and smart monitoring features, our septic tank solutions are the perfect choice for efficient, long-lasting performance.

Alongside wastewater treatment systems, we also supply septic tank systems. These systems are available in either concrete or GRP and will supply either or in accordance with your needs.

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Packaged Tertiary Filters

Our packaged tertiary filters are engineered with cutting-edge biotechnology to ensure efficient removal of microorganisms, and nutrients from wastewater. These filters are essential for maintaining water quality and reducing environmental impact where direct discharge to ground is not suitable.

Designed to meet the stringent regulations set by both Irish and EU authorities, Smarttanks' tertiary filters guarantee compliance with legal standards, making them an ideal choice for responsible wastewater treatment.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Rainwater harvesting has emerged as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional water sources. Smarttanks offers cutting-edge rainwater harvesting systems that allow homeowners and businesses to harness the power of rain for various applications. Our systems efficiently collect and store rainwater, which can be used for irrigation, toilet flushing, and more. By reducing the demand for municipal water supplies, these systems contribute to water conservation and help in achieving sustainability goals.

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Oil-Water Separators

Industrial and commercial facilities often face the challenge of managing oily wastewater / surface water. Smarttanks' oil-water separators provide an effective solution, ensuring the separation of oil and other contaminants from water, enabling compliance with environmental regulations. Our separators are engineered to meet the demanding requirements of both Irish and EU legislation, making them an indispensable component of responsible wastewater management.


We offer eco-friendly, legally compliant solutions that not only protect the environment but also promote efficient and sustainable wastewater management. Make the smart choice for your wastewater needs with Smarttanks, your trusted partner in responsible water resource management.

Innovative Treatment Technologies: Smarttanks employ advanced treatment processes, ensuring the highest quality effluent output.

Efficient Solids Separation:

Our systems effectively separate solids from wastewater, reducing the risk of clogs and blockages.

User-Friendly Maintenance:

Smarttanks are designed for easy maintenance, simplifying compliance with regulatory inspections.

  • Are septic tanks still legal to use in Ireland?
    While in most cases septic tanks are not suitable for current regulations they may still be acceptable by local authorities if ground conditions are correct for this type of discharge.
  • Can I use additives to boost septic tank performance?
    While some additives claim to help, it's best to rely on regular maintenance and avoid potential issues with unknown chemicals.
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