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A Discharge licence means that you take responsibility for what is discharged into local waterways.

Let us help you to hit your targets and stop pollution

Discharge License

Smarttanks, understand that your Discharge Licenses is vital to demonstrate your compliance with environmental laws and regulations. We have tailored service plans for each licence and can help to direct a client’s ability to discharge treated wastewater safely, and within your sites specified limits.

 A Discharge License is issued by relevant authorities, such as the your local county council, to regulate the discharge of wastewater into natural water bodies. This license serves as a control mechanism that monitors and restricts the release of potentially harmful substances into the environment, ensuring that it adheres to environmental standards and regulations.

 With our vast experience over 20 years we currently help clients with all aspects of their discharge licences and can also work directly with your local county council representative as a nominated contractor.


We will help you with your wastewater treatment plan every step of the way. Get in touch with the professionals on

Reason for needing: application and assessment

A discharge License is required when planning to discharge treated wastewater directly to an open body of water or groundwater drainage system. You may also need a licence if your hydraulic loading exceeds to local authority’s limit. The application is usually completed alongside your planning application and is part of your final approval.

Obligations of license holder: - compliance

Once granted, a Discharge License necessitates ongoing monitoring. Regular inspections, data reporting, sampling etc. are mandated to ensure adherence to predetermined discharge limits.

All responsibilities will be listed in your license specific to your site.

Environmental Protection:

The primary objective of a Discharge License is to safeguard the environment. By specifying acceptable pollutant levels, it helps in preventing contamination of rivers, lakes, and coastal waters.

Legal Obligation:

Discharge Licenses are legally binding documents. Violating their terms can lead to hefty fines or even a suspension of operations.


Our job is to ensure your business or home is compliant with regulations and laws regarding wastewater treatment. Don’t get caught out, get in touch today on

Water Drops

Discharge license service contracts:

Smarttanks have Identified 4 regular aspects to any discharge license.

  • Service and desludging as per OEM and records of same

  • Sampling of discharge water with varying frequency and certified lab testing

  • Completion of Schedules A,B & C weekly throughout the year

  • Annual Environmental Report completion and submission

We Tailor all service contracts to suit site needs as we understand that some sites need all of the above services completed, some need more and some need less.

We are dedicated to supplying our clients with the package they need to aid in compliance of their discharge license. While making sure their system is running efficiently and cost effectively reducing breakdowns and overall costs in system operation.

  • Are septic tanks still legal to use in Ireland?
    While in most cases septic tanks are not suitable for current regulations they may still be acceptable by local authorities if ground conditions are correct for this type of discharge.
  • Can I use additives to boost septic tank performance?
    While some additives claim to help, it's best to rely on regular maintenance and avoid potential issues with unknown chemicals.
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