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Smarttanks have vast experience in the Installation, Service and maintenance of wastewater pump chambers of all sizes.

Pump Chamber

Smarttanks have vast years of experience in the moving of wastewater by use of pump chambers and pumping systems. Pumping systems can be of simple design with minimal electrical control and mechanical discharge systems.


They can also contain multiple pumps with a vast array of analogue and digital control, monitoring and flow systems with large valve chambers and mechanical pump removal systems.


Regular servicing your pumping system will prevent it from breakdown, causing costly repairs in the future.


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Smarttanks have invested in specialized lifting and test equipment to be able to effectively monitor the condition of your pumps and control system and verify full system operation.


We Tailor service contracts to the OEM applicable to your current installation.

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We have been involved in multiple pumping system designs and use direct contacts with world leading suppliers and manufactures of pumps, control systems along with electrical and mechanical components for effective and efficient pumping solutions.

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Smarttanks can complete full pumping system review with report supplied to client. We will advise on upgrades if needed to avoid unwanted breakdowns, plan and carry out retrofitting of all advised works in a timely and cost effective manner removing any concerns for system operation.


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  • Are septic tanks still legal to use in Ireland?
    While in most cases septic tanks are not suitable for current regulations they may still be acceptable by local authorities if ground conditions are correct for this type of discharge.
  • Can I use additives to boost septic tank performance?
    While some additives claim to help, it's best to rely on regular maintenance and avoid potential issues with unknown chemicals.
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