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Service and maintenance of all wastewater treatment systems is essential to continued satisfactory operation.

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Smarttanks offers fully comprehensive servicing for all, wastewater treatment systems, pump chambers, wastewater management systems, rainwater harvesting and oil-water separators, ensuring your system remains in good working order. Saving you on costly repairs and breakdowns.

Trust us for expert solutions to safeguard the environment and your investment.


Regular servicing your wastewater system will prevent it from becoming damaged, causing costly repairs in the future. Get in touch today on

Domestic Servicing

Our Service Team is dedicated to Tailored solutions for all our customers' Wastewater System and Pump Chamber needs.

We use quality replacement parts and have an in-depth knowledge of manufacturers' systems components and operation parameters from our 20+ years’ experience in the maintenance industry.

With Our team having experience in electrical control systems, mechanical installations, and pumping systems we are confident that we can cover any onsite issues efficiently.

We carry out Preventative maintenance contracts where needed and can also Tailor these to your domestic's site’s needs.

Contract bonuses:

  • Cost reduction on servicing

  • Prebooked chosen dates to suit your needs.

  • Priority calls to site

  • Peace of mind


Commercial & Industrial Servicing


With our years of experience in the wastewater industry coupled with service experience in multiple commercial sectors, Smarttanks can offer highly Tailored services for commercial wastewater systems.

These services can be carried out on a contract basis or a reminder system where we will contact you to an agreed schedule when your system’s service is due.

We have specialised equipment to carry out in depth servicing of your system to give the best chance of catching an issue early before it causes any issues.

During our commercial and industrial servicing, the following steps will be undertaken (but not limited to) to ensure your system remains in good working condition and will prolong its lifespan.


  •  Full visual inspection of all system components and chambers

  •  Electrical testing of all components, including pumps, aerators, and filters.

  •  Cleaning or replacing of filters or wearable components as per manufacture OEM’s.

  • Checking and calibrating control systems.

  • Complying with EU wastewater disposal regulations, such as the Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive (91/271/EEC).

  • Pumping and removal of accumulated sludge and scum.

  • Ensuring compliance with Irish wastewater regulations, such as the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Code of Practice for Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Systems Serving Single Houses.

  • Repairs or replacements as necessary.


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Water Drops

All servicing carried out by Smarttanks is recorded on our cloud-based software. Each service type has its own tailored report to note all system checks on day of service and reports are made available within hours of completion through email or post.

Local authorities may request to see these reports on system inspection – A quick call to our office and we can send over any or all reports completed for your site at any time.

  • Are septic tanks still legal to use in Ireland?
    While in most cases septic tanks are not suitable for current regulations they may still be acceptable by local authorities if ground conditions are correct for this type of discharge.
  • Can I use additives to boost septic tank performance?
    While some additives claim to help, it's best to rely on regular maintenance and avoid potential issues with unknown chemicals.
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